COS Lab TAs Spring 2020

Current Schedule (Spring 2020) - Reading Period

Mon 5/4 Tues 5/5 Wed 5/6 Thurs 5/7 Fri 5/8 Sat 5/9 Sun 5/10 Mon 5/11
EDT 126 and 226/217 lab TAs available 7-11pm 7-11pm 7-11pm 7-11pm 7-11pm 3-7pm 5-11pm 7-9pm
EDT shown. 126 lab TAs available in Europe and India 9:30-11:30am 2-4pm 4-6pm
EDT shown. 226/217 lab TAs available in India Pakistan and Korea 8-10am 8-10am 8-10am 8-10am 7-9am 6-10am

If you have any comments or questions, let us know at jc79@ or llzhang@!

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